Three Reasons To Meet With A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Meeting with a criminal defense lawyer is not just for those who have committed a crime. You may even need to meet with a criminal defense lawyer even if you have not committed a crime. Here are three reasons that may be:

You are Being Questioned:

If the police want to question you, especially at the police station, you definitely want a criminal defense lawyer present. Yes, this may seem suspicious to law enforcement. However, their questions can become quite aggressive and you don't want to slip under pressure and admit guilt to something that you actually didn't do. With a criminal defense lawyer by your side, they will help you answer the questions, avoid answering certain questions, and stop the interrogation when it starts to get out of hand. 

You Have Been Read Your Miranda Rights:

If the police officer has read you your Miranda rights, which are the rights that include the right to remain silent and have an attorney present, then you should probably find a criminal defense attorney. This is because, at this point, it's likely that you are the main subject in a crime that has been committed. If you did not commit this crime, you need extra protection at this point to avoid getting yourself into a deeper mess of trouble. 

You Have an Uneasy Feeling:

Even if you are not being interrogated and have no been read your Miranda rights, if you have an uneasy feeling that law enforcement is investigating you, you should call a criminal defense lawyer. They will provide you advice on how to get yourself off of law enforcement's radar. This is important for gaining control back over your life if you have the uneasy feeling that you are constantly being watched, which happens sometimes if you are closely related to a crime that has been committed. For example, if you are the building owner of the property that suspiciously burned down in a fire, law enforcement may be trying to attempt to find if you started the fire for insurance purposes. Whatever the case, hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect yourself and ensure that law enforcement can turn their investigation elsewhere. 

When you know these three reasons to meet with a criminal defense lawyer, you can see why it's not just for those who have committed a crime. This will also protect you if you are innocent even if it makes you appear more suspicious at first.