3 Steps To Suing The Person That Assaulted You

Did you get into an argument that led to the other person assaulting you and causing a serious injury? If the incident led to you having to pay a few large medical bills, and you want your money back, consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, just because you suffered an injury doesn't mean that you are automatically considered the victim. You will need to hire a personal injury attorney to help you build a strong case if you want to increase the chance of the lawsuit being won. This article contains information that will give you more insight on how you should move forward with the situation.

1. Get the Evidence to Prove That You Were Injured

In order to receive compensation for the large medical bills that were paid, you will have to get proof that you were actually injured. Although obtaining copies of the medical bills and receipts can prove that they were paid, you must also be able to prove that the other party caused the injury. Basically, speaking to your physician about his or her opinion of how the injury happened is a good way to prove that the other party caused it. A physician can relate specific types of injuries to assaults, such as if you were hit with an object that left a particular type of cut on your body. You will need documents that contain an explanation of your injury type, as well as how it was treated.

2. Compile a List of Possible Witnesses

You might need witnesses that can prove that you were not the one that started the altercation with the other party. If you don't know the person that assaulted you and it happened in a public area, go back to the area to find witnesses. You can ask people that work at nearby restaurants or stores if they witnessed the incident. If anyone was with you at the time of the assault, he or she can be a witness as well. Even if you are unable to find any witnesses, you can still win the lawsuit with assistance from a lawyer.

3. Take All of Your Evidence to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Any evidence that you are unable to gather on your own can likely be obtained by a lawyer. A lawyer can do a deep investigation and locate the person that attacked you, and possibly obtain video footage of the incident taken place. He or she will do everything possible to build a strong case and get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injury, pain and suffering, as well as other things.