Have You Been Assaulted? Here's Why You Should File A Civil Suit

If you've been physically or verbally assaulted, you don't have to rely on the criminal courts to get the justice you feel you deserve. Here is why you should consider filing a civil suit:

Get Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering

By filing a civil lawsuit against the offending party after being assaulted, you may be able to get compensation for the pain and suffering you've endured. Whether you were physically or mentally injured, as long as you can prove your pain and suffering, you should be able to negotiate some kind of payment from the other party. Using medical and therapy records, along with witness and employer statements, your assault attorney will create a case that will be a challenge for the other party to dispute.

Ensure the Other Party Is Held Responsible

You can help ensure that your assailant is held responsible for their actions, no matter the outcome of criminal charges, by filing a civil lawsuit against them. When your attorney gives the go-ahead to file a civil lawsuit, it means that they believe you have a solid case that can be won. So, even if your assailant gets off easy in criminal court, there's a good chance that they will have to pay up for the mistakes they have made in civil court.

Gain Some Closure So You Can Move On

Another good reason to file a civil lawsuit against your assailant is to gain some much needed closure, so you can move on and forget about the pain the assault incident causes. Taking your assailant to court should help you work through the emotions you have about the assault, as both sides of the story unfold. Finding closure can reduce any symptoms you've been experiencing since the assault, such as the following:

  • Nightmares about the incident

  • Feeling unsafe at home or in public places

  • Sudden anger or frustration

  • Depression

Warn Other People About Your Assailant

Filing a civil lawsuit against your assailant will help warn the public about their tendency to be violent, so people can act accordingly if they ever come into contact with the defendant. People in your community deserve the right to know when someone has been assaulted and by whom, so they can decide for themselves whether there is anything to worry about if they find themselves living or working near the assailant. If anything, you'll alert the public to the fact that an assault has happened in the areas they work and live in.

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