Ensure That You Understand These Things When A Restraining Order Is Temporarily Lifted

Regardless of the reason that someone — an ex-spouse, ex-partner, or someone else — placed a restraining order on you, it's possible to get the order lifted. While some people hire defense attorneys and work to get the order permanently lifted, another option is to have the order lifted on a temporary basis. This can be a good idea if you need to make contact with the person for any number of reasons. A good criminal defense attorney — ideally someone who represented you when you got the restraining order, as he or she will understand the case — can work to lift the order for a period of time. If so, you should ensure that you understand these things.

The Exact Length Of The Lift

Legal matters are highly specific, so when the court opts to temporarily lift your restraining order, there will be a specific deadline at which the order goes back into place. It's imperative that you're aware of the length of the lift, as being unclear is an easy way for you to accidentally violate it. For example, if the temporary lift expires at 12 a.m. on a certain date, you need to ensure that you aren't with the other party at this time.

How Exactly You Can Contact The Other Party

This lift doesn't necessarily give you the right to contact the other party however you see fit. For example, it's possible that you're allowed to email, text message, and call him or her as per the conditions of the lift, but that you still cannot get within a certain number of feet of the person. Clearly understanding the manner in which you can contact the other person will reduce your risk of violating the new conditions.

What Behavior Is Unacceptable

It's possible that the judge who temporarily lifts the restraining order against you puts certain conditions on you that you must follow. It's imperative that you discuss these conditions thoroughly with your attorney so that you don't make the mistake of violating one of them without knowing it. For example, even with the order lifted, the judge may stipulate that you're to keep your contact with the other party civil. In other words, you can discuss whatever important business prompted you to petition the court to get the order lifted, but not use this time to harass or verbally attack the other party in a manner similar to what might have led to the restraining order in the first place.