How To Help Your DUI Attorney Succeed

A DWI arrest is a stressful thing to experience, and a conviction is even worse. If you're convicted, you may have to serve jail time, pay fines, and even lose your license to drive.

Given how serious a DWI charge is, it makes sense to hire a DWI lawyer to help you. Here's how to help your DWI attorney succeed in your case.

Tell Them Exactly What Happened

Go over what happened with your lawyer minute by minute. Write down a detailed account of your arrest and everything that happened right before and immediately afterward. Memories fade over time, so you want to get this down in black and white before you begin forgetting or confusing crucial details.

Your attorney has heard just about everything, so don't be shy or concerned they will pass judgment on you. Honesty is key here. If you leave out something, the prosecutor in your case might just blindside your attorney with it later. Your lawyer will need to know just what happened so they can properly prepare your case strategy and defense.

Keep Your Information Private

Whether you're talking to police, the prosecutor, or friends on social media, never offer up details or opinions about what happened when you were arrested or your case in general. Anything you say to law enforcement will come back to haunt you later, and the same applies to posts they can view on social media.

Stay in Contact

Your DWI lawyer may have questions, concerns, or need additional information, and they might need it quickly. Stay in contact with your attorney at all times. If you change your number or move, make sure your attorney has your new contact information immediately.

Be Punctual and Presentable

If you have any official meetings with the prosecutor or scheduled court appearances, always arrive on time and appropriately dressed. While your DWI attorney is not concerned with your clothes personally, a judge or other official may take those shorts or ripped jeans as a sign of disrespect to the court, even if you don't intend that in any way.

Be on time for any meetings with your attorney, too, and make sure you attend each and every one. Your attorney will use these meetings to gather information and keep you updated so you always know where your case stands.

Your financial future and even your very freedom might be on the line when you're charged with DWI. Work with an experienced DWI lawyer so you can prepare to defend yourself and your rights.