The Best Ways To Defend Yourself Against A DUI Manslaughter Charge

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is highly illegal in the United States. One of the reasons why you are not allowed to drive while intoxicated is the increased risk of an accident. In some cases, a car accident can lead to a catastrophe such as a pedestrian being killed. If you hit a pedestrian while under the influence of alcohol, you will not only have to face the trauma of having caused someone to lose their life, but you will also be facing potentially serious criminal charges.

Keeping An Eye On Plea Bargains: They Can Be Good But Aren't Always The Best Choice

Being arrested for drug crimes is serious business. Never assume that your innocence will be obvious and you'll be let go; chances are you'll face a long legal battle even if you know you're not guilty. And if the evidence seems to point to you, or if you're obviously guilty, you are in trouble. People facing difficult court cases are often offered plea bargains. For those involved in or accused of drug crimes, plea bargains can be a simple solution—but you must have an attorney represent you.

What Is The Criminal Record Expungement Law And How Does It Benefit You?

If you have charges on your criminal record, you may have noticed it's harder for you to get a job than the average person without a record. If you're struggling with this, it may be a good idea to look into the criminal record expungement laws in your state.  What Is a Criminal Record? A criminal record is a public record of someone's crimes. Depending on the jurisdiction you're in, different things can show up on your criminal records.

3 Things You Need To Understand About Sex Crimes For The Best Defense

One of the most complex types of criminal charges that you might have to deal with is a sex crime. Sex crimes attract a very heavy penalty. Suppose you do not formulate the right defense and choose a competent lawyer. In that case, you could be looking at many years in prison and extensive damage to your reputation and loss of access to opportunities. It is important to understand the most common sex crimes and how you can defend yourself against the charges.

3 Potential Defenses Against Drunk Driving Charges

Anyone who has been charged with drunk driving is likely to wonder what legal defenses they may have. Here are three possibilities a DUI attorney will usually want to explore. Illegal Traffic Stop Normally, a drunk driving attorney will try to work through the legal logic of a charge from the beginning. In the majority of cases, the process started with a traffic stop. The police can't randomly pull folks over without cause, and that means there has to be an initial reason.