Interested In Joining The Army After High School? Stop Drinking And Driving Now

Joining the army is often a great step for people who can't afford college or university in any other way. However, many teens experiment with alcohol and end up drinking and driving. Anyone who is interested in joining the army needs to avoid this habit as much as possible. It could sabotage their dreams permanently. Drinking And Driving Can Lead To DUI Charges While drinking and driving is obviously dangerous no matter what, it is even worse if the person committing the act wants to join the military.

Qualities To Look For In A DUI Attorney

When you start looking for an attorney to defend you against DUI charges, you're going to have to interview a few. You need to find someone who has certain qualities that will make getting through your case easier. Even if you know you're guilty and are just trying to get a lighter sentence, you still need someone who you are happy with. When you start talking to attorneys, look for these qualities to find the best person.

Three Reasons To Meet With A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Meeting with a criminal defense lawyer is not just for those who have committed a crime. You may even need to meet with a criminal defense lawyer even if you have not committed a crime. Here are three reasons that may be: You are Being Questioned: If the police want to question you, especially at the police station, you definitely want a criminal defense lawyer present. Yes, this may seem suspicious to law enforcement.

5 Things You Must Do If You Are Hit By A Drunk Driver

You may follow every traffic rule in the book while using your best judgment to drive in a safe manner, but certain issues may arise that can place you and your family in harm's ray. While shocking for many people to learn, 28 people die in the United States every day due to a vehicle accident involving an alcohol-impaired driver. Unfortunately, protecting your vehicle, yourself, and your family is not always possible, so it is important to know what to do in case you are involved in an accident.

You Can Still Get Arrested For Marijuana In Colorado. 3 Reasons Why

If you enjoy smoking marijuana and you live in the state of Colorado, you were probably pleased when the voter amendment allowing recreational use of marijuana was approved a few years ago. However, that doesn't mean that arrests for marijuana-related offenses have stopped – over 1000 people were charged with possession in the year after Amendment 64 passed. There are several reasons why arrests are still happening, and one of them might be some confusion over the details of the law.